“I just want to help” - a common statement in my profession, often matched with conflict around charging. This is my message.

Saturday I presented at a BACP Conference on Charging For Therapy. The chatbox revealed conflict of being paid for care and compassion. Some felt it hard to work out exactly how they had helped. I still feel that sometimes. It's an indication of how we take loving kindness for granted, because it feels so right and natural.

It takes a lot to get that natural. Heartache, challenge, personal development, study, practice makes us open enough to witness and reflect without judgement. You know by friends/family who seek YOU out to talk through problems -it is a rare experience to be received that way.

The value is your undivided, unbiased attention, allowing someone to lessen their self-judgement, fear and anxiety, to see themselves through your eyes as a worthy human being. Know without doubt that you are seen as worthy by them too.

How do I know? I hated the pre-record for that talk – doing it to no one, many judgements about how it came across. On the day, I had such fantastic appreciation and feedback for the many things I shared that I now take for granted.

“A wonderful human presentation”💜

"What a fabulous and informative talk today on Charging for Therapy at the BACP Conference. It is scary taking the next step and having qualified in my late 50s it feels very daunting. Listening to your talk however made me feel more confident in myself and that I can do this! Thanks again for your motivation and inspiration." Heidi SB