Fear to Flow Package

A carefully curated package consisting of:

* An online money personality assessment

* Guided personal self-reflective work

* A 1-2-1 hour with me to review the findings and plan steps to make your relationship with money more comfortable, healthy and productive.

Once booked, I will send out a link for you to do your on-line money personality assessment and you will receive a full document with results (I also receive a copy).

When completed, I will send out the personal self-reflection questions - you will need an hour or more for this.

Then we book for a 1 to 1 at a mutually convenient time.

Once the online personality link is sent, refunds cannot be made. NB - You do not share details of income/outgoings on assessments. This is a psychological reflection/review. The aim is for you to better understand your relationship with money and the psychodynamics in your interpersonal relationships and business.

You have three months to complete all three elements from the date of purchase (most people do all three parts within a month).

This package is available at half rate until July in response to Covid times as a means of support.

Bookings – scroll down on this page: Cathy Towers - Business Therapy Events | Eventbrite



"I absolutely loved your exercise with the pillow! Whilst I could see the value, and the creativity of the idea as soon as you explained it, I was really surprised at just how powerful it was. Probably shouldn’t be as we all know the value of touch and engaging that tactile sensory awareness. It was a wonderful affirmation of the deep connections that endure, in this community, despite the physical separation."Anna Colmer Zero Balancer