Cathy Towers A Psychotherapist, Trainer and Public Speaker

Cathy Towers Business Therapy

Cathy has a deep understanding of relationships, psychology and the ethical standards that can inhibit business owners, particularly in service and creative fields.

A regular columnist for Connections magazine, radio show host on Phonic FM, Cathy also likes dabbling in improv. She has also screwed up so many times that she has learned a whole lot more than she expected in business. She is a fierce voice for confidence and communication.

Cathy Towers BACP Senior Accred. Practitioner


Business Therapy

Helps you put your relationship with your work "on the couch", taking the pressure off doing, to pause in reflection.

I was privileged to be able to join a weekend ‘retreat’ which was simply amazing. Very supportive and excellent fun - really made me think about my relationship with my business in a completely different way. Yes I would wholeheartedly recommend it! Dani Hilliard

Fantastic! It helped me to realise how far I'd come since attending the last workshop in March 2018. It has given me much needed perspective on my work and direction. I highly recommend Business Therapy especially if you are an apologist around income. This course smashes those paradigms and gives you ownership of your self worth and aspirations. I highly recommend! Allegra Scott


Cathy speaks and helps others to speak too.

Today was really awesome ! I've come home and drawn a line under things that were bothering me and I'm going to move forward and keep being me! :-) Thanks Cathy :-) thanks for caring and listening (it's like gold dust these days!) Anna-Marie Waite

"Today I competed on a new level in my public speaking and came 2nd to a world finalist. Not bad going for my first run in the competition. Thanks so much to... Cathy Towers for coaching me and all at South West Speakers" EA (Sales), Devon


Do you offer a service which is deeply personal and find marketing stresses you? You need a perspective which is about the relationships you have around your business.

I offer a considered psychological approach to improving your confidence and connection in your relationship with your work in three areas:

Your Relationship with Work

Filthy Lucre - Your Relationship with Money and Earning

Filthy Lucre is a day reflecting on your relationship with money and charging. It teases out the inhibitions you unconsciously place on your work and eases the way to a more comfortable, confident and clear dynamic with clients. It doesn't matter what decisions you make around money in your business, it does matter that you have thought it through.

"I found the workshop very thought-provoking and useful. As a result I am managing my time better and also tightened up my agreement with existing clients and new clients. Until the workshop I had not realised how fuzzy it had all become!" S from Oxford Counsellor of 20+ years

"I felt massively challenged but the support and feedback made it so worth my while. It was so interesting that everyone’s perspective on ‘filthy lucre’ was different; their journeys and situations so diverse; that confronted with our own issues we feel anxious and confused but faced with another’s we are able to step up. That’s what makes it so important to share, I guess. I gained a wealth of useful insight and came away feeling genuinely enriched."
JS Devon

Your Relationship with Clients and Referrers



"Fantastic experience....I was tired and unsure how I'll pull through! I got energised, uplifted and excited from the creative juices that were flowing in our group. Cathy Towers is a brilliant facilitator - she reassured us to relax and play. No pressure, no expectations."