Relationship with Money Mini Assessment


Do you experience frustration, upset or anger about the economic position of your profession?

Do you struggle with setting a fair fee for yourself?

Are you inconsistent or undecided with regard to handling payment issues on non-attendance, holidays, late arrival, forgetting to bring money to appointments?

If someone asks for a reduction do you give it with little or no discussion?

Do you feel guilt about charging for your time?

Are you uncomfortable discussing money with clients, supervisors/mentors/advisors or peers?

Is the handing over of money awkward?

Do you have a sense that you might be undercharging (or overcharging) for your service?

If you answered YES to any of the above, it is worth exploring your business relationship with money further. You may like to consider one of my options for doing that.


From Fear to Flow Individual package FEAR TO FLOW - Improving Your Relationship with Money (Individual package) Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

Online Workshop 1 Your Relationship with Money and Business

Online Workshop 2 Money in practice – a one-off supervision based model


Please contact me for further details for workshops – I run when I have enough people (maximum 10 per workshop)




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