“I just want to help” - a common statement in my profession, often matched with conflict around charging. This is my message.

That Debate About Free Sessions

This post is written about counselling/psychotherapy in particular, but is relevant to many micro-business people who sell their time for money, particularly to people who may be in need, vulnerable, or emotional. It is also helpful if you are feeling needy, vulnerable or emotional yourself.

Do You Put Your Fees On Your Website?

I was having a chat recently about whether prices should be displayed on our websites or not. I decided to reflect on why I think it is important. You may disagree with me and I would love to hear your reasons.

"Fantastic experience....I was tired and unsure how I'll pull through! I got energised, uplifted and excited from the creative juices that were flowing in our group. Cathy Towers is a brilliant facilitator - she reassured us to relax and play. No pressure, no expectations."