Have you ever have listened to someone and wondered what the heck they are talking about? Or what point they are trying to make?

When performing improv scenes or telling a story, there are three things I need to establish quickly so the audience can sit back and enjoy, allowing me to take the lead, instead of them anxiously searching for clarity: Where I am Who I am What I am doing

This all means having to be make fast solid decisions and go with them. I know there are some excellent examples of how not to do this out there, mostly from politicians, and the result is a confused populace who just turn off or lose trust.

What would you add as your pet want for a clear presentation?

Any horror stories you just have to share?

"After watching your sessions on relationship with finance, I found it thoroughly interesting and found myself re-watching it twice yesterday! Thank you for a fantastic session that provoked so much that is fundamental for me to consider". Joanne Wright MBACP