Have you ever have listened to someone and wondered what the heck they are talking about? Or what point they are trying to make?

When performing improv scenes or telling a story, there are three things I need to establish quickly so the audience can sit back and enjoy, allowing me to take the lead, instead of them anxiously searching for clarity: Where I am Who I am What I am doing

This all means having to be make fast solid decisions and go with them. I know there are some excellent examples of how not to do this out there, mostly from politicians, and the result is a confused populace who just turn off or lose trust.

What would you add as your pet want for a clear presentation?

Any horror stories you just have to share?

"What a fabulous and informative talk today on Charging for Therapy at the BACP Conference. It is scary taking the next step and having qualified in my late 50s it feels very daunting. Listening to your talk however made me feel more confident in myself and that I can do this! Thanks again for your motivation and inspiration." Heidi SB