Help with Speaking

"I asked Cathy if she could host our business 15th Anniversary event as I has seen her speak before and also manage events so I knew she would be perfect!

She came along to meet me and the team and talk about what we were planning on doing to celebrate. She came up with the great idea of interviewing me as I was a bit daunted by giving a speech. We worked together to come up with some suitable questions so we both had time to prepare. We also discussed the programme for the day and she came up with lots of ideas and made it so easy to plan a great event.

On the day Cathy arrived early and was so good at putting me at my ease and helping to get the event moving smoothly. She talked to the guests and directed operations so that we could get on with celebrating the event. The interview was very relaxed and Cathy's friendly and informal style made me feel like I was going to sail through this. She was tactful, kind, humorous and fun! And most of all the audience enjoyed it too!

Help with Speaking

I was very impressed with Cathy and she has a lovely kind but quietly assertive manner with a twist of humour which is a great combination of skills for any event.

"Thank you Cathy! You made our day very special!"



"What a fabulous and informative talk today on Charging for Therapy at the BACP Conference. It is scary taking the next step and having qualified in my late 50s it feels very daunting. Listening to your talk however made me feel more confident in myself and that I can do this! Thanks again for your motivation and inspiration." Heidi SB